Warehouse Space in Wichita

Builders, Inc. owns and manages 572,311 sq/ft of retail and office space in Wichita, Kansas. We have an ongoing commitment to service and maintaining these properties to the highest standard of excellence. Contact us to discuss your property needs and we can find a space tailored to be a perfect fit for your business. Our current tenants have maintained growth and success and location plays a key role in the prosperity of any business

Garvey Public Warehouse

  Successful product distribution often depends on reliable warehousing facilities. In southwest Wichita, one operation instills customer confidence with timely, affordable, and quality service. Garvey Public Warehouse is a full-service facility providing low-cost storage for a vast range of items. Our employees provide the highest level of customer service. Products are stored, orders are filled, and shipments are prepared with careful efficiency. Customers receive assurance of accurate controls, with a monthly computerized inventory. Shipping is […]

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2626 W. Pawnee

Office/Warehouse, near Pawnee and Meridian. Showroom/office, glass storefront with heated warehouse area.

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