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T-Mobile the Phone Zone enters Wichita

The Wichita Eagle
March 29, 2012

WICHITA – A new T-Mobile retailer is entering the Wichita market with plans for at least six locations.

Readi Connections, which does business as T-Mobile the Phone Zone, bought an existing T-Mobile outlet at Towne East Square this month and is preparing to open one in Andover Village at 321 S. Andover in April.

Missouri residents Chris Michael and his mother, Melissa, had been in commercial real estate previously.

“We bought out one of our tenants and saw the great potential with wireless,” Chris Michael says.

They’re planning to open 25 stores in the next 36 months in a six-state region.

Michael says they decided to come to Wichita in part because the T-Mobile signal is strong here.

“It’s extremely strong,” he says.

Michael says the Towne East store was a good starting point.

“I felt like that had a really strong retail presence in it and some really strong growth potential as a store.”

Residential construction here also gave him the confidence to come.

“I felt like that was a really strong indicator. We do a lot of family plans.”

He’s looking to do more Wichita sites along with ones in Derby, Hutchinson and Newton.

“All the towns that may feed in within an hour of Wichita.”

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal for the Andover space.

Another new tenant also is coming to Andover Village, but Clements can’t share the name yet.

“It’s an existing beauty supply retail concept, and the Andover market is going to have a unique branding spin onto it,” he says.

When Clements took over leasing at the 10,000-square-foot center, it was vacant except for Metro Grill. Now, it’s almost full, he says.

“All I have left over there to lease is 1,000 square feet.”

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