A businesswoman shouting at the world through a megaphone

Congratulations to the Shout Out Recipients!

To Karen,

Thank you for everything you do. If I come in early, you are here. If I stay late, you are here. If I stop by on the weekend, you are here! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the company and its success! – Sam

To Karl and Beth,

Thanks for the hard work at the Christmas party 🙂 – Erin

To Karl Lakin,

Thanks for being the best assistant manager ever!  You are my “colonel”, “johnny on the spot” leasing fanatic and partner in crime!!  Keep up the great work! – Kim Lewis

To Katie Dickson,

Welcome to Wildwood!  We are so glad you are here and off to a GREAT start! – Lynne Quast

To Kim and Shawn,

Thank you so much for helping The Lodge out!  You guys rock! – Jessica Ayres

To Kim Cisneros,

I want to thank you for always being a team player and getting stuff done. You are an amazing person to work with!! Hope you enjoy this little token of my appreciation for all your hard work!!! – Rachell Reeves

To Larry Weber,

You are absolutely the most indispensable resource for information in our building, always ready to take action, and always moving forward. Thank you for all of your help and the work that you do. We appreciate you! – 250 Douglas Place Team

To Larry Weber,

We wanted to let you know that you have been so wonderful to work with and very much appreciated! We look forward to working with you in all the days ahead! – Kim, Karl and Stephan

To Lauren Dalhaus,

Thank you so much for holding down the fort here at 250 Douglas Place.  You did an awesome job and made it easy to come back to only have one page of to-do’s!  Thanks for your professionalism and organization. – Kim Lewis

To Merle Ambler,

Thanks for stepping up and offering to help at the Chisholm Lake resident event while on your vacation.  What a way to let your greatness shine! – Jessica Cody

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