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Congratulations to the Shout Out Recipients!

To Erin Crabtree,

Thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail while you keep all of us Section 42 properties in check and under compliance.  You’re Great! – Jessica Cody

To James Deckard,

I feel extremely lucky to have you as Governeour Manor’s Maintenance Tech. With your pride and your lets get it done attitude we are able to complete tasks that I have been wanting to get completed since I became the manager here at Governeour. Thank you for all you do! Way to go on passing all 37 section 8 inspections!!! Here is a little appreciation of your hard work. – Rachell Reeves

To Jennifer,

Thank you for bringing new and creative marketing ideas to Parklane Apartments.  Keep those awesome touch marketing ideas flowing! – Jessica

To Jessica,

For being such a hard working Manager!! – Jennifer

To Jessica #1 and Jennifer,

Thanks for creating the “annual income spreadsheet” for the properties!!
It will really help!! – Erin

To Jessica Gomez,

Your wonderful attitude and pleasant demeanor make each day at work a walk in the park.  Your professionalism, knowledge, and courteous attitude make everyone feel at home the moment that they meet you, and I love that you treat everyone that you encounter – prospect, resident, coworker, or visitor – so respectfully.  You set the bar for amazing customer service! – Lauren

To John Knox and Chris Madorin,

Hey guys.  You are really kickin’ butt and takin’ names over there.  Keep up that stuff and I won’t have to come out there any more.  Good job guys. – Dale

To Josh Johnson,

Thanks for getting involved in the “Pull Tabs for RMHW” contest! I appreciate your willingness to be a part of the team!! – Erin

To Josh Knox,

To our award winning, make ready specialist – Thank you SO much for being such a great addition to our team! We are so proud of how well you newbies are doing! – Elizabeth, Julie and Brian

To Karen,

Thank you for having such incredible patience with me as we go over the bizarre numbers that I come up with in PMAS. I appreciate the time and effort that you expend on our accounts, and I’m glad to work with you! – Lauren

Builders, Inc. does not discriminate against applicants, residents or employees on the basis of their race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status or disability.