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Congratulations to the Shout Out Recipients!

To Dale Rotramel,

To our award winning, make ready specialist – Thank you SO much for being such a great addition to our team! We are so proud of how well you newbies are doing!-Elizabeth, Julie and Brian

To Danny Foster,

Thanks for being willing to help out at the Chisholm Lake resident event.  You’re truly terrific! – Jessica Cody

To Edna Sewell,

Way to go girl!

To Elise,

Awesome job on the newsletters for The Willows! Thank you for being so willing to help us! You rock!!!


I want to give a SHOUT OUT to my ENTIRE TEAM! Everyday they suit up and show up. Because of their teamwork, dedication and incredible work ethic we finally reached our goal of 100% occupancy at the end of 2016. I am so lucky to call them mine. – Leslie

To Erin,

Thank you for all your help with the two new HUD properties. We could not do it without you! – Sam

To Erin,

Thank you for jumping in there and taking care of WillowCreek Manor.  You are AWESOME! – Sam

To Erin Crabtree,

Erin – You rock!  Thanks for all your hard work on the master fax number spreadsheet.  Wow, does it save me a ton of time and make the day so much more productive.  You make a difference 🙂 – Rachel Parker

To Erin Crabtree,

I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do training on Tax Credit and Section 8 properties for those of us that want to advance in our careers!!

To Erin Crabtree,

Thank you for coming to The Lodge and going over bills.  I appreciate you! – Jessica Ayres

Thank you for always lending a hand anytime I need help.  You are awesome! – Jessica Ayres

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