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Michael Garvey, President of Builder’s Incorporated announces commitment of $10,000 toward downtown strategic plan

downtown_ict3Michael Garvey, President of Builder’s Incorporated, today announced a commitment of $10,000 toward funding of a downtown comprehensive strategic plan. The gift comes the same day the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation pledged $175,000 toward a plan to be funded in partnership with businesses and local governments.

Builder’s Incorporated is a full-service residential and commercial real estate company that has served Wichita for more than 60 years. One of its largest investments is the downtown Garvey Center located from 200 to 300 West Douglas in the heart of Downtown Wichita.

Over the past 12 years Builders Incorporated has renovated the 26 story former Holiday Inn into 141 apartments, now known as 250 Douglas Place. Through using Builders Incorporated’s own resources, 250 Douglas Place has become one of the largest apartment complexes in downtown Wichita.


In addition to these apartments the Garvey Center also features 300,000 square feet of office space over two city blocks.

“As a stakeholder in downtown, a resident of downtown and a believer in Wichita, I think it is important to move forward responsibly with a blueprint for downtown” Garvey said. “Builders Incorporated is focused on the future and is pleased to be a part of the continuing change happening in Wichita. We felt that having committed many millions of dollars as one of the largest private investors in downtown, it was important to be the first from the private sector to step forward, a group that must be part of this process.”

Mayor Carl Brewer said, “Michael’s gift to advance the future of downtown Wichita and his quick action demonstrate his leadership and commitment. Michael is a great example of a young professional and business owner dedicated to having a vision and a strategy and making sure the community is part of that effort. He is continuing the legacy of a family that has given much to Wichita.”

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