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Green industrial cleaning firm coming to Wichita

The Wichita Eagle
August 16, 2011

An Ohio franchisor of an environmentally friendly industrial cleaning system will open a Wichita office in the fall.

ChemStation of Kansas, a franchise of ChemStation International, will open in 5,000 square feet at 2355 S. Edwards, near Pawnee and Meridian, on Oct. 1, said James Lage, director of finance. Lage said ChemStation of Kansas plans to employ 10 people.

He said the company will work with customers to custom blend water-based biodegradable industrial cleaning detergents and process chemicals.

For example, it makes a vegetable oil-based product to clean concrete forms. Its products can also be used to clean trucks, factories, stores and restaurants.

Its products are locally manufactured and delivered in refillable containers, which reduces expense to the customer and eliminates waste from the disposal of traditional 55-gallon drums, Lage said.

ChemStation’s nearest franchises are in Oklahoma City and Grain Valley, Mo., according to the company’s website.

The company was founded in 1984 in Dayton.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the lease transaction.

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