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Flint Hills Spas and EmbroidMe to open near northeast corner of Central and Edgemoor

The Wichita Eagle
August 29, 2012

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. has been busy doing deals on Central lately.

There are the BattleStations Gaming and Better Buy Jewelry deals that Have You Heard? reported earlier Wednesday, and now there are two more at Central and Edgemoor.

“It’s kind of been like Occupy Central,” Clements says.

At the northeast corner of Central and Edgemoor, Dave Garretson is moving his Flint Hills Spas to the same spot where he used to have his California Cooperage of Wichita hot tub store in the 1970s.

“It’s kind of ironic going full circle back into the original space,” he says.

Garretson sold hot tubs for several years in the ’70s and then sold his half of the company and moved to California in the late ’70s. In 2005, he returned to Wichita and opened the store, which he called Flint Hills Spas and Billiards, at 742 N. Andover Road.

He located there to be near where a lot of new houses were under construction, but that’s changed.

“I need to…get back where it’s a little higher traffic,” Garretson says.

He’s dropped the billiards sales and is adding pellet grills.

The store will be in 1,300 square feet where Ash-craft engraving used to be, which is a few doors down from MIF Deli.
Garretson says he used to eat there all the time in the ’70s when it was under different ownership and will again.

“That’s my plan.”

Next door to Flint Hills Spa, the new EmbroidMe is going to open.

Jed and Lisa Jeter are opening the international franchise to do custom embroidery, screen printing, garment printing and promotional products.

“We’ve researched different businesses for a couple of years,” Jed Jeter says.

He was in the building materials distribution business for almost 25 years. Lisa Jeter managed a machine shop for 12 years.

Jed Jeter says he and his wife decided to go with the franchise instead of doing a business on their own for “the experience, the buying power and the national backing we’ll have.”

The shop will open in 1,200 square feet in about a month.

These are all the deals – at least on Central – that Clements has for now. He expects to have more news soon.
“You know, we’ve got some stuff cookin’ out in northwest Wichita with retail,” he says. “Northwest and Andover are going to be a couple of focuses.”

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