About Builders, Inc.

For more than seven decades, BUILDERS, INC_64C6501 for website. has been synonymous with residential, commercial, and industrial real estate development and apartment housing in Wichita. Founded in 1941 by R.H. Garvey and his son Willard, Builders is now enjoying its fourth generation of family leadership. President and CEO Michael Garvey took over the reins of Builders, Inc. in August of 2007.

Following World War II, Builders entered its first period of massive residential development as thousands of Wichitans sought the “American Dream” of home ownership. To meet the need for quality affordable housing and rental opportunities, the firm constructed homes and apartments and developed residential subdivisions during the post-war years. During the 1950’s, Wichita’s first major shopping center, Parklane Center, was built at Lincoln and Oliver, in addition to industrial parks and grain elevators.

While Builders, Inc. and the Garvey family have contributed much to Wichita’s real estate development and economic growth for more than 75 years, they have also been active supporters of community organizations and activities. The Garvey family has been a strong supporter of such Wichita institutions as The Independent School, Wichita Swim Club, Garvey Athletic Center at Friends University, Wichita Symphony, and the YMCA.

With the fourth generation at the helm, Builders, Inc. looks forward to a bright future for years to come.


Builders, Inc. does not discriminate against applicants, residents or employees on the basis of their race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status or disability.